Tolbluck is a flucking brat who knowns nothing about foreign lifts outside the UK. He is a supporter of the horrid BEGO.

He thinks that the Sate Gales Hitel lifts were modded by Mitsubishi but in fact they were modded by a generic company with Jiplix fixtures. He also said that the fixtures are Mitsubishi which is not, they are made by Jiplix from Taiwan. When someone was correcting him, he keep insisting that they are Mitsubishi mods just because of the chimes and fixtures. He didn't give up about that. He also sounds quite unhappy just because someone was correcting him softly. He's clearly WRONG and knows nothing about foreign lifts. He's a hardheaded dickhead. It's very stupid and dumb that he thinks the lifts were modded by Mitsubishi, in fact, if you watch carefully the logics are absolutely NOT Mitsubishi. Usually if a lift was modernized by Mitsubishi, the new one would look real Mitsubishi. And also Mitsubishi NEVER use generic logics like that. He doesn't really care about that and he won't admit his mistakes by doing proper researches.

Tolbluck is totally lame and annoying. He is also immature and will often loose temper when someone or something makes him angry.